Getting your partner involved

As a provider of sleep training support, one of the most interesting aspects of my job is that I get to work so closely with such a wide variety of people and personalities. Coming into people’s homes, especially at a time when they’re vulnerable and emotional, lets you get to know them in a hurry.

Walter – 4 months old

Hushabye Baby Review: “Amy to the rescue again” After Amy helped get our first child sleeping through the night at 11months I felt secure when we fell pregnant with our second baby because I knew Hushabye Baby existed! Walter was 4 months when I contacted Amy. He had started waking frequently & I was a

Sleep deprivation is the pits

How does your baby sleep? What is it about you having a lousy night’s sleep that makes everyone else so annoying? It seems that way, doesn’t it? Baby sleep habits strongly affect your sleep habits. You have a night of broken, interrupted, just plain lousy sleep, and the next day people are driving like they