“Amy was amazingly patient and supportive and kept me on track”

10 months old

Amy is caring, professional, calm and supportive. If you are thinking about booking some time with Amy then don’t hesitate and do it now.

My baby, George, is 10 months old. For the first 9 months of his life the poor bub suffered terrible eczema and we only got on top of it recently. However, due to me trying to keep him settled overnight despite his itching I was sleeping in his room and rocking and comforting him all night. This meant I was getting approx 3 hours sleep per night.

I was at the end of my tether! Sleep deprived, grumpy with everyone, and desperate which meant making the necessary changes in the first week of the Sleep Sense program very difficult. I passed on my stress to baby George which meant very traumatic bedtimes.

Amy was amazingly patient and supportive and kept me on track. After getting my mum to come over and do a 24 hour stint of being George’s ‘mum’ to give me some time out, I was able to refocus and get back to helping George productively. In the second week everything fell into place.

I cannot recommend Amy and the Sleep Sense program enough…it works. I have a happier George and a happier family as we are all getting sleep. Thank you!

Any other mum out there who is ‘thinking’ about taking the plunge and seeking Amy’s help, just do it sooner rather than later. Don’t leave it until you’re mad with tiredness!

Chloe – Narracan, Victoria

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