“…Amy went above an beyond to help us get to where we now”.

20 months old “We reached out to Amy for support and direction in helping us all get some much needed sleep.

At 20 months old our daughter Leila was still spending 2-3hrs awake each night. She was needing to be rocked to sleep for nap time, bedtime and at each night wake up.

We often couldn’t get her into bed before 9pm. We were all just so tired and becoming very anxious about what the nights would bring.

Having worked with Amy before and trusted that she had a gentle approach to making changes, and with Leila having recently been unwell needing a lengthy hospital admission, this was very important to us.

We do not believe in cry-it-out and are so grateful that Amy offers an alternative to that type of sleep training.

We never felt we had to leave Leila upset in her cot and not offer comfort.

Being that little bit older we were worried Leila would really fight the changes but we actually found it the opposite. She was able to understand so much more, to listen to our explanations about what we were doing and she excepted the changes far better than we could have imagined!

We are amazed and so proud of how well our little lady has done and are so very thankful to Amy for her guidance, flexibility, kindness and commitment.

Amy went above and beyond to help us get to where we now are, to give us the confidence we all needed and finally some routine in life!

Amy listens to you as the parent and is more than happy to work in a partnership to find the best fit for your family.

I would never have dreamt that I would be able to pop Leila in her cot, say goodnight and leave the room!! She is happy to settle herself, there is no distress and most of the time we sleep all night long.

Now I know how other parents do it!! Now I can go back to work, we have booked a family holiday and I can plan our days to a more predictable schedule.

Such a big change….. We are truly grateful!”.

– Jemma and Johnny, Jan Juc, Victoria

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