4 months old today.

We have been going through a rocky patch.

The little man has eczema and a form of dermatitis. It took a long while to find someone who could confirm this for me, and most importantly, help me with it.

My other boys had a mild case of eczema, but the regime I did for them didn’t work for Jack. He was getting worse and worse and I was starting to feel very helpless. Last week I finally got an appointment with someone that knew what he was talking about! Within a day Jack was amazingly better. We now have a 3 week treatment plan for him and because of this, things have turned around massively for me as his Mum.

I was struggling to deal with all 3 boys. Each of them demanded my attention and with Jack getting more and more uncomfortable as each day passed, with nothing I was doing helping, I hit a wall!

I hate to imagine where things would be if I wasn’t sleeping either!

My point?

Parenting is hard! If you are not getting sleep on top of all the other aspects that go with looking after little humans, then life can seem a great deal harder! Each day feeling like a real struggle.

Please don’t struggle in terms of sleep. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help.

So how is Jack doing now at 4 months old?4 months old

4 months old is around the time parents hit the most terrifying sleep change milestone that exists for all parents…the dreaded ‘4 month regression’.

I’m not actually terrified this time round because I have been working on my newborn sleep goals (I know, annoying right?! but I’m a Sleep Consultant so if I was terrified I should probably find another job!).

Thankfully Jack is a little sleeping machine so the change should be fairly uneventful.

He loves his sleep and I LOVE how he loves his sleep.

If your wondering what on earth the 4 month regression is, or furthermore need some help with this period of change with your own baby, check out my 4 Month Regression blog. Hopefully the tips help you get through it unscathed!

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