“We got better results than we could have imagined”6 months old

I am pleased to report that Florence (6 months old) now sleeps 11 hours a night without interruption, and both naps total two hours pretty routinely.

We got better results than we could have imagined and we are incredibly happy even when it’s not perfect.

We are at the stage now where if she does happen to wake overnight we can literally see her roll over and go back to sleep, or can be sure that it is her teeth bothering her. She just had four top teeth pop out in a week 😬

We wanted to thank you so much for your help and support.

We really appreciated how professional and serious about sleep you are.

In particular the way you spoke so confidently about the results that were achievable (Florence WILL sleep 11/12 hours overnight, what?!). You gave us no choice but to believe that it would all be ok, and it was.

Your support was so tailored to us and consistent.

We felt like you really were there with us every step of the way for those first few weeks. Particularly when it felt hard, or like I was losing my mind a bit there. 

We are so proud of our little girl, and we are proud of ourselves too for recognising when we needed help, and for not being afraid to ask for it.

You should be proud of yourself for gaining another set of happy customers!

Thanks again.

Annabel and Steve – Geelong, Victoria

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