Amy Huebner

Amy Huebner, Founder and Director of Hushabye Baby

Hi, I’m Amy Huebner. I am a Certified Sleep Consultant who specialises in newborns to 5 year olds. My other gig is being a mother to 3 young boys – Joel who is 9, Kayden who 7 and our youngest, Jack, who is 5.

I have always loved my sleep!

When I had my first baby, I soon came to realise how vital sleep really is, for everyone in the family!

We had our struggles with lack of sleep when our first boy came along, as many do. Luckily Joel ended up showing me the way pretty quickly with his ability to sleep independently, so we didn’t get into an unmanageable spot. It was my second baby, Kayden, who REALLY pushed me to my limit! It was a completely different situation with him. He wasn’t so keen on the independent side of things, and he had terrible reflux. Fairly sure he cried for 9 weeks straight (that’s how I remember it anyway!).

I didn’t even recognise the person I had become! I was so exhausted.

The solution was a basic and consistent routine, with some sleep skills thrown in. This got us over the line to start sleeping better. It changed our world. We honestly couldn’t have taken status quo for much longer.

At this particular time in my life, I was surrounded by Mums and Dads who were terribly sleep deprived. Struggling to get their little ones to sleep well. I knew I could help. So once my 2nd boy was sorted sleep wise, I decided to make it my focus to help other families start sleeping well too.

This is what lead me to work together with Dana Obleman. Dana is the #2 sleep trainer in the US and the best-selling author and creator of the world renowned program, The Sleep Sense™ Program.

In 2017 I became a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and founded Hushabye Baby.

I was personally trained by Dana Obleman. Undertaking a comprehensive certified training and education program, which is ongoing. Dana remains my mentor today. I am very proud to be aligned with her and the Sleep Sense family.

I have now had the privilege of working with over 1000 families.

Over 1000 families now sleeping better!

In 2021 it was an honour to be awarded Silver in the Ausmumpreneur 2021 People’s Choice Award for ‘Making a Difference’ within the Health & Well-being sector, as well as receiving an honourable mention in the Global Women’s Champion Award. In 2022, I was a Finalist in the Children’s Services category for both the Australian Small Business Awards and the Australian Women’s Small Business Awards 2022. This year, I have been named as a Finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Awards within Health Improvement Services; a finalist in the 2023 Australian Women’s Champion Awards in Children’s Services; and a finalist in two categories at the 2023 Ausmumpreneur Awards.

At Hushabye Baby, we focus on giving families the tools and support they need to get their little ones sleeping well. We aim to be as gentle as we possibly can when teaching independence around sleep. Our goal is to resolve sleep issues, once and for all.

When a family starts to sleep well, every single night, lives change.

Babies and toddlers thrive. Mums and Dads get a new lease on life. Parenthood starts to feel much more manageable. Relationships change. It really is that powerful.

Helping families go from sleep-deprived to well rested, is a privilege.


Amylee Weber – Sleep Specialist

Hi! I’m Amylee and I live in Rural Victoria, Australia, with my husband Brock and our two sons, Heath (5) and Lane (2).

For the past 8 years, I have worked as a nurse across various areas. Caring for others has been something I have always felt very passionate about. Joining the Hushabye Baby team and working as a sleep specialist alongside Amy Huebner, has solidified my ambition to help families achieve amazing sleep.

I feel incredibly privileged to work with each of my clients and be involved in this pivotal part of their children’s lives.

Forming meaningful connections and making a difference in the lives of my clients has being a big part of my working life.

I’ve personally had a 5+ year relationship with Amy Huebner. It started when I sought out her help with my first son Heath when he was 4 months old. Like so many other new Mums, I felt somewhat unprepared with the sleep needs of a newborn. We lacked a routine and when that 4 months mark hit, I soon entered the most challenging time of my life. Brock and I were exhausted and barely functioning.

We found Amy and felt immediately supported and reassured. We could get our family back on track and start sleeping well again. Which we all needed! After immediate success with Heath, I didn’t hesitate to follow on with the Newborn Package for our next son. Having the support and education from the beginning put our family in a completely different state 2nd time round.

When I was given the opportunity to become part of the Sleep Sense family and join Hushabye Baby, I jumped at the chance. It makes me very proud to join this driven, passion-led business, and be able to make such a difference to the lives of our clients.

Personally, I can offer clients a unique perspective. Not only as a Sleep Specialist but also as parent having gone through the process you are about to embark on.

I pride myself on being a warm, approachable and supportive person. I so look forward to working together to achieve your family’s sleep goals.



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