Hi, I’m Amy Huebner.

When I had my first baby, I soon came to realise how important sleep is, for everyone in the family! We had our struggles and the lack of sleep started to really take its toll.

It was, however, my second baby that really pushed me to my limit! (my first baby seemed a breeze in comparison!).

I didn’t even recognise the person I had become! I was so exhausted.

It was a basic and consistent routine, with some sleep skills thrown in, that got us over the line to start sleeping better – it changed our world, we honestly couldn’t have taken status quo for much longer.

I now have three young boys. Joel who is 6, Kayden who is 4 and 2 year old Jack.  I wrote a blog following Jack’s sleep journey from a newborn. Check it out if your interested.

Prior to having my children, my background was in Human Resources and Project Management. When it came time for me to get back to work, I felt a pull to help other parents who are struggling with little to no sleep, just like I was. They were all around me! I knew I could help them.

This is what lead me to work together with Dana Obleman. The best-selling author and creator of The Sleep Sense™ Program.

I became a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and founded Hushabye Baby in 2017.

I have now worked with over 350 families.

350 families that are now sleeping well!

Coupled with my personal experience, I have undergone a comprehensive certified training and education program, and mentorship with Dana Obleman, which is ongoing. 

Dana is an amazing person to be aligned with, and her ongoing support allows me to see amazing results with my clients. After 15 years perfecting the program (and having 3 children in the process!) Dana is now the #2 Sleep Trainer in the US.

I absolutely love the fact that I can change a family’s life from being sleep deprived, to fully rested.

My work focuses on giving families the tools and support they need to get their little ones sleeping well. A gentle program which involves making the changes needed to resolve sleep issues, once and for all.

As a result, lives are changed. Babies, toddlers, Mums and Dads, start getting the sleep they need.

So you might have tried a number of things to get your children to sleep well already.

What makes my program so successful? I’m glad you asked.