Dana Obleman

How did I let this happen?

Dana Obleman shared this story the other day…and it is sadly, so very common. Dana Obleman is the Best Selling Author, and founder of The Sleep Sense Program. Cindy e-mailed me at about 2:30 in the morning. And even though we’d never met each other personally, what she wrote had me weeping at my computer.


Liam – Newborn

“Amy’s approach with newborns was exactly what I needed” I am so glad I called! Liam was a newborn, only 2 weeks old, but I could already feel things getting away from me. I really needed some help to set a good routine in place and be reminded of the fundamentals of helping my newborn


Are dummies bad news?

Are dummies bad news? A lot of parents who use dummies feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a dummy in their baby’s mouth (I certainly did!). Dealing with a screaming infant in the grocery line or on a long car trip will make most parents try just about anything to calm