“Being a new Mum is challenging and exhausting…”

“As a new, I don’t have the brain space to come up with the words to describe just how much of a game change Amy @ Hushabye Baby has been for the family. But not because I’m not getting enough sleep!

being a MumBeing a new Mum is still challening and exhausting, but I no longer second guess myself where my little ones sleep is concerned.We’ve both been getting a full nights, uninterrupted sleep for over 2 months now thanks to Amy and gentle, yet thorough and simple to follow, sleep plan.

My little lad gets 12 hours and I get 8-9 depending on how I fill my evening once he goes to bed easily each night. His naps are great and we finally have a nice day rhythm too. So thanks Amy, there’s still a million more things I’m making up as I go along raising this little guy, but sleep is no longer one of them!”.

Jess & Jarrad – Diamond Creek, Victoria

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