baby standing and crying in cot

Standing in the Cot

Standing in the cot is bound to happen at some point! If you’re reading this, you’ve likely got a little one that’s been vertical in the cot a lot, or perhaps falling asleep in an awkward position. Or you’ve heard that it can be an issue and you’re looking to learn how to deal with

baby sleep

Sleep deprivation is the pits

How does your baby sleep? Well? Or not so great? What is it about you having a lousy night’s sleep that makes everyone else so annoying? It seems that way, doesn’t it? Baby sleep habits strongly affect your sleep habits. You have a night of broken, interrupted, just plain lousy sleep, and the next day

the importance of sleep

The Importance of Sleep

Let’s talk about the importance of sleep. Why is it so important? ‘Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain’s battery. Sleeping well increases brainpower, just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span, and allows

4 Month Regression

The 4 Month Regression

Just the mere mention of the 4 month regression can make parents quiver with fear… As a professional sleep consultant, I hear the term “regression” used in regards to just about every imaginable circumstance. Essentially, if baby doesn’t sleep well for a couple of nights, parents start dropping the ‘R’ word. Some people subscribe to