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Five reasons your child needs sleep

For those of you that know me, I take any opportunity to encourage and prioritise sleep. Today I am highlighting the key five reasons your child needs sleep, and they are very good reasons! As parents, we tend to get complacent about sleep, both for our kids and for ourselves. As soon as people announce

Putting your foot down

Putting your foot down

I am sure you will all agree, the first time your friends and family have the chance to meet your new baby is a truly magical moment. If you’ve been working hard to teach your baby some independent sleep skills however, be mindful that consistency is key. Putting your foot down may be required! Babies


Exposure to different wavelengths has been shown to affect your baby’s sleep. When it comes to sleep, there are so many factors that might be impeding your little one’s ability to just lay their head down and go to sleep when they’re tired.  Hormone levels may be out of balance, they may be in some