Lucas – 7 months old

“…Thank you thank you thank you!..” “Amy – The Baby Whisperer!! Before embarking on our journey with Amy, our lives consisted of hourly night wakings, inconsistent day naps, feeding to sleep, replacing the dummy and 5am get ups…just to name a few. Since we implemented Amy’s program, we are getting overnight sleeps and amazing days

Harvey – 10 months old

“…incredible things…in such a short amount of time..” Wow! Amy has done incredible things to our family’s sleep in such a short amount of time. Our 10 month old boy (Harvey) was waking anywhere from 3-8 times during the night but now he SLEEPS through for about 11.5 hours each night and continues to have

Charlie – 12 months old

I couldn’t have been more sceptical about the whole “sleep training” thing BUT it worked and it worked straight away. We no longer find bed time and nap time filled with tension and anxiety. It’s given my evenings back to spend with our older daughter and my husband! My only regret is not contacting Amy