baby with hat laughing

Arthur – 9 months old

“Our life is so much easier, and he’s fully rested which makes him happier too. Honestly, best thing we’ve ever done baby-wise”. Amy is a miracle worker, and I would highly recommend her sleep program. Our little dude, Arthur, was reliant on feeding to sleep and was waking 4-5 times a night. Sometimes for an

Viktor – 4 months old

Seeing the changes within the families I work with is a big reason why I love the work that I do. When our children aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t sleeping well. Can you imagine what is like once your little one is sleeping beautifully?

Neave Hushabye

Neave – 15 months old

“… within a week of working with Amy smiles returned to our house“ For the first few months of our daughter’s life, we thought we had hit the sleep lottery. Neave put herself to sleep and would only wake once or twice overnight.  Then the four-month ‘progression’ hit, and she just…forgot! All of a sudden