Charlotte – 9 months old

“..We can’t put in words how thankful we are..” “3 weeks ago, my wife and I we at our wits end. Our 9 month old daughter was incredibly difficult to settle for bed, depended on a feed, a dummy as well as being patted off to sleep and would then wake frequently at 90min-2hour intervals

Arthur – 5 months old

“..We are so thankful…” The Hushabye Sleep Program helped us after having a lot of difficulty with out little 5 month old not sleeping (often waking every 2 hours) and consequently us not sleeping. We were all exhausted. After the program there has been such a significant improvement to both him sleeping at night and

Finley – 17 months old

“..We felt that we could never undo the mess that we were in..” “We got Amy to rescue us on recommendation from a friend. Within a few days our 17 month old started sleeping through. He had been sleeping in our bed and super attached. We felt that we could never undo the mess that

Joshua – 2 years old

“…Bedtime was taking 1.5 hours of battling, waking 3-5 times a night and naps were a battle as well…”. “I had a perfect sleeper, and then the 18 month regression happened. We kept telling ourselves it was just a phase, and this too shall pass, but it didn’t. It got worse when Josh became a