Archer sleep a full night

Archer – 8 months old

“We had forgotten what it was like to sleep a full night…“ “You can only run empty for so long until you finally come crashing into a heap. Luckily, we found Amy from Hushabye Baby just before this occurred. We sent Amy an email and asked for help because my partner and I were up

Mila – 10 months old

Amy was a fairy Godmother of sleep. “Where do I start?! Thanks to Amy we went from our 10-month-old having multiple night wakings, a reliance on the bottle and dummy, being held and rocked to sleep for ages while crying to now looking forward to getting into her cot. Trying to get our little one

Finley – 8 months old

… I was an exhausted Mumma. “When I first contacted Amy, I was an exhausted Mumma from my 8-month-old son’s constant night waking/ feeding. Working with Amy to get him napping well during the day and sleeping through the night, was the best decision we could have made for our family, it was an absolute

Amelia – 27 months old

I am so grateful that we could do this with support and reminding of the need for clear boundaries… “I have a 27-month-old who had never slept through the night – and I had had enormous difficulty separating myself from her when she wanted me overnight as felt I had to always fix the crying