newborn package

Newborn Package (Up to 11 weeks old)

The Newborn Package is designed for new parents. It provides the guidance and support they need to implement a strong foundation for good sleep. Setting up good sleep habits right from the beginning can make all the difference when it comes to looking after a newborn. It means you have a very well rested baby


Hushabye Package (3 months to 2 years old)

The Hushabye Package is designed for babies through to toddlers. This package will get your little one sleeping 11-12 hours each night, and having great day naps. Together we deal with sleep schedules; settling techniques; night time wakings; night feeds; day naps; day feeds; nap transitions; and any other sleep issues you may be facing.

Hushabye Baby Sleep Talk

Interested in organising a sleep talk for your new parent’s group? Do you find that the regular topic of discussion within your group is sleep, and lack there of?! Our Hushabye Baby Sleep Talks are for parents looking to gain knowledge around developing and sustaining great sleep skills for their children. Classes are suitable for