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Quarantine Sleep Survival Guide

Quarantine…What can I say? These last few months have been.. I mean…WOW If you are back in isolation with school aged children, you’ve had to accommodate the fact that your kids were suddenly and unexpectedly taken out of school (again!). Definitely the hardest part for me to cope with. With younger children at home as

traveling with small children

Traveling with small children

So you’re traveling with small children. Across several time zones. I salute you. Traveling with small children is not a task for the weak-willed. It requires courage and determination beyond that of the ordinary adventurer, but hey, we’re parents of little people, and that makes us the hardest of the hard core, right? We’re not

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How to Prevent Drowsiness on Feeds

Preventing drowsiness on feeds can be tricky.  A rule of thumb when teaching a child to sleep well is to make sure you keep your baby wide awake through any feeds. That’s the breast or the bottle. If your baby has a connection between drinking and falling asleep, you will experience night wake ups. Why?