Dana OblemanDana Obleman shared this story the other day…and it is sadly, so very common.

Dana Obleman is the Best Selling Author, and founder of The Sleep Sense Program.

Cindy e-mailed me at about 2:30 in the morning. And even though we’d never met each other personally, what she wrote had me weeping at my computer.

She had been looking forward to becoming a mother ever since she’d been a little girl.

She and her husband tried for about a year, and finally, after an exhausting pregnancy, they’d welcomed their beautiful baby daughter into the world.

That was 6 months ago.

Neither Cindy, nor her husband, nor their daughter has had a good night’s sleep since.

Even though everyone keeps telling Cindy that sleepless nights are a “rite of passage” for new parents, or that the problem will eventually resolve itself, she’s really suffering.

She and her husband are suddenly fighting all the time.

She can’t focus at work.

Worst of all….

She doesn’t feel like she’s capable of being the mother she wants to be.

All because she’s just so tired.

The part of her letter that put the tears in my eyes was this line:

“How did I let this happen? I read all the books…. took the classes… I was READY! And now I feel like I just can’t do anything right.”

Well, Cindy, first of all, you’re not alone.

I can promise you that there are millions of parents who are going through exactly the same thing right now.

Second, it’s nobody’s fault. We all do the best we can as mothers. But the truth is that babies don’t come with an instruction manual — and that first year is unbelievably complicated and stressful (but also full of blissful moments that you will never forget.)

Finally — and most importantly — there’s a way to fix this problem.

If you Google “how to get your baby sleeping,” you’ll find — literally — more than a hundred million different “solutions” to your problem:

That’s a LOT of information. Some of it’s great. Some of it’s awful. And some of it is just plain dangerous.

However, if you’re looking for a method that’s been proven to work, over and over and over again, you’ll want to start right here.

It’s called the Sleep Sense Program, and I’ve put the last thirteen years of my life into making sure that it’s the ONLY resource you’ll ever need to get your child sleeping through the night.


Dana Obleman is my mentor and she is the reason I became a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. We are Mothers that have been through the hardship of getting little ones to sleep well.

I can support you in getting to a place where sleep for your little ones comes easy, and in turn, a place that allows you to have the sleep you need to keep going each day in the best possible way.

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