Amy was a fairy Godmother of sleep.fairy godmother

“Where do I start?! Thanks to Amy we went from our 10-month-old having multiple night wakings, a reliance on the bottle and dummy, being held and rocked to sleep for ages while crying to now looking forward to getting into her cot.

Trying to get our little one to sleep was starting to feel like torture for everyone involved. We knew that there must be a better way but like many parents felt the stigma of sleep training being associated with being very harsh on the baby. We bought into the myth that you can’t teach a baby to sleep and that some babies just didn’t like sleep. Then we came across Amy and it was the best thing that has happened for our family.

Amy was like a fairy godmother of sleep, and her level of professionalism was incredible.

We felt supported the entire time through the phone calls and daily check ins provided in her service. Amy’s method was gentle, we were always there to comfort our baby while allowing her to learn to put herself to sleep. Yes, there were tears, but on the other side was the most valuable gift we could have given our child and ourselves – sleep. A fundamental part of being a healthy human.

On the third night, much to our disbelief, she slept through the night. She is now able to put herself to sleep happily and has shown us just how resilient and capable she is. Before hiring Amy my wife and I would tear up and laugh at all the Google Reviews from parents who sounded exactly like us, but thought it was too good to be true.

If you are on the fence about hiring Amy, do it right now. We went from being asleep deprived family with an unpredictable schedule, to a happy, well rested family with a baby who sleeps 7-7 and naps like clockwork. Two months later, our girl is still on the same schedule and thriving.

Thank you Amy, you have been so wonderful and we can’t thank you enough. This experience not only let us get more sleep, but also taught us a valuable lesson in parenting”.

Boris and Sandra – Denham Court, NSW

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