“We reached out to Amy at Hushabye Baby following a friends recommendation, and wow we are so glad we did!

friends recommendation

The only thing we regret is we should have done it sooner!

Our 15 month old boy Jack just wasn’t playing the sleeping game.

He was napping well throughout the day and falling asleep relatively well at night HOWEVER overnight he was a nightmare. Waking 3 – 5 times per night for 1 -2 hours each time and then thinking 5am was an appropriate time to wake up and start the day. Fair to say we were all exhausted Jack included.

Amy introduced a sleep plan that was gentle and comprehensive.

I am not going to lie some nights during the training were tough, but with Amy’s reassurance and constant feedback and guidance we had the confidence to stick to the plan.

Now after following Amy’s sleep plan to a tee Jack has a perfect midday nap and sleeps 12 hours overnight – some mornings we have to wake the sleepy head up because he loves his sleep so much.

We will be forever grateful to our friend for the recommendation and to Amy for changing our lives.

Thanks so much again Amy – I will be in touch if I ever need sleep help again.

You are amazing.”

Kate – Markwood, Victoria