when baby wakes in the night

Specialising in Newborns to 5 years old, my Gentle Sleep Training Packages are the ones for you if you’re ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night and take long, restful naps during the day (age dependent).

First, let me tell you exactly what my sleep packages include:

1. A preliminary evaluation

This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to us meeting. Having this information in advance helps me make the most of our time together. Similarly, it is this information that will help shape the sleep plan for your child.

2. A detailed, fully customised sleep plan

I prepare your sleep plan based on my discussions with you and my preliminary evaluation. We then go over it in detail during our consult.

3. A private consultation*

Where we’ll discuss the sleep plan; talk through the strategies; troubleshoot possible problems; and talk about general settling techniques. Furthermore, we will address bedtime, nap-times, night wakings, and any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

*The consultation can take place via video or in the comfort of your own home. Home stay options available for Night 1 of your Sleep Plan (refer to Support Plus Package).

4. Ongoing support

Four follow-up phone calls

During the first two weeks following the consultation we will have four calls. Follow-up calls typically last about 15 minutes. We’ll use this time to celebrate successes, deal with any setbacks you might be having, or answer any general questions you may have as you are going through your plan.

A 14 Day Online Sleep Log (in real time)

This is where you can keep track of all timings and responses. I review and communicate with you daily via the sleep log. It is a great resource that allows us to see any patterns that may be emerging and identify what is working well or if there are any areas we need to work on.

Three weeks of unlimited e-mail support

You may find the four phone calls and the daily log communication are enough contact during those first two weeks, however, email support is also available, and will be for an additional week. You can send me through any questions that come up, and I’ll respond to your e-mails within one business day.

Your consistency and my support are the keystones to reaching your sleep goals.

I pride myself on providing a high level of support to ensure you get through your plan successfully, guiding you along the way.

The strategy I work with is called the Sleep Sense™ Strategy.

It involves gentle sleep training that has successfully helped over 100,000 families to date. It really is the gentlest method going around when it comes to sleep work. The methods are simple and effective, and I am very proud to work with it.