…I would highly recommend Amy and couldn’t speak more highly of the service she provides!!”

“Amy the AMAZING sleep fairy!!

My husband and I reached out to Amy for help when our darling daughter Matilda was 2 years of age, not only had Matilda just turned 2 she also had a new baby brother welcomed into her home!
Let’s be honest no one was getting much sleep!

Matilda had never been a good sleeper right from the beginning and looking back I can’t believe we waited so long to get the help and support we needed to make a change. However first baby, we didn’t know any different and would continually think everything was just a stage, another tooth, or just that the phase would pass. It never did.. until the magic Amy came along with her bag of tricks and advice!

We would struggle to get Matilda to sleep in the evenings, she would cry, yell throw tantrums!

Throughout the night she would be awake for hours, wanting to play, read books, sing songs and we would often find one of us sleeping on her bedroom floor! For some reason we thought that was better than her sleeping in our bed! Each day would commence at 5-5:30! Bright eyed and bushy tailed..well for Matilda!

Amy gave us the confidence, information and support we needed to get Matilda to self settle with no tantrums and for her to sleep through the night. Amy was easy to relate to being a mother herself, compassionate, kind, positive and was there every step of the way!!

I would highly recommend Amy and couldn’t speak more highly of the service she provides!!

Thank You Amy for helping us take control and get some sleep. Matilda is a new girl, sleep sure does makes everyone happier!! It was a pleasure to work with you and I wouldn’t hesitate to call you again if needed!!”

Tim & Jess – Belmont, Victoria

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