Hushabye Baby Review:

“Amy to the rescue again”Hushabye Baby

After Amy helped get our first child sleeping through the night at 11months I felt secure when we fell pregnant with our second baby because I knew Hushabye Baby existed!

Walter was 4 months when I contacted Amy.

He had started waking frequently & I was a zombie.

To the rescue again!

Amy set an easy to follow, gentle & effective plan in place – after a few days of change our little night owl was sleeping soundly and so was I.

I honestly wouldn’t have been able to stick to a plan without Amy.

When you’re sleep deprived the best help is someone to take the thinking part out of it for you & take charge.

I get to enjoy my kids so much more now because I’m not awake all night & surviving on coffee.

Thanks again for everything Amy, you are a modern day sleep saint.

Shannon – Apollo Bay, Victoria

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