“Magic baby sleep..

magic baby sleep

“Amy has some magic baby sleep juju…I don’t know how else you take a 14 month old from bedsharing and waking 2-12 times a night to sleeping through independently.

We used to have anxiety around his sleep, just waiting for the next resettle and more often than not gave up and went to bed with him by 8pm. For any parent considering this path to restful nights, it is NOT easy.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve done as a mother and truthfully I wanted to give up on day 3. But I’m really glad I didn’t.

Amy’s support and guidance was crucial to this being successful for us and she has our biggest thanks for helping our gorgeous boy get good sleep, and we finally got to watch a whole movie in one sitting!

Thank you Amy!! 

Alex – Werribee, Victoria

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