“Before meeting Amy, I would be up 6+ times a night rocking and patting my little boy to sleep.

Day times looked very similar!

Until one day I could not deal with the sleep deprivation any longer and knew things needed to change for our family.

meeting Amy

I contacted Amy, however a part of me believed this was never going to change and my little boy was just a poor sleeper.

We have now finished Amy’s program.

Our little boy sleeps 12 hours overnight, and can self settle without his dummy and overall he is a happier boy, getting the sleep that he needs.

His feeding also changed and he started to drink more milk.

Meeting Amy quite literally changed our lives. We have routine now and my husband and I finally get to spend time together.

We are so much more happier as a family. We are so grateful to you Amy, you are an absolute blessing. Thankyou!! 

Rebecca – Waubra, Victoria