The Newborn Package is designed for new parents. It provides the guidance and support they need to implement a strong foundation for good sleep.

Setting up good sleep habits right from the beginning can make all the difference when it comes to looking after a newborn. It means you have a very well rested baby on your hands. In turn, parents get the sleep they need also. This alone is a total game changer to the newborn experience.

This package is IDEAL for you if you are expecting a new addition soon, or have recently given birth.

newborn sleep package

Package inclusions:

  • A comprehensive easy to read, step by step Newborn Guide that covers newborn sleep strategies; schedules; sleep expectations; routines; settling techniques; nap-times; night wakings; nursery set up; and what to expect for the future. This guide is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to setting your baby up to become a great sleeper
  • A 30min support call to discuss any issues and to check on progress
  • Wrap up email that covers sleep changes going forward and how best to deal with them

Standard package: $175 

Additional support option available on top of standard package:

1hr virtual consult: + $100*

2hr home visit: + $275* (Travel zone) 

*Includes a consultation to go through the newborn guide with you in detail, and cover off any and all questions. For home visits, a nursery analysis is also carried out. Consults to be booked in prior to babe turning 10 weeks old.

Please note: Payment is due at the time of booking.



“We bought Amy’s newborn package when Charlie was 9 weeks old and it set his sleeping patterns up wonderfully!

We haven’t experienced any four month sleep regression (he is 5 months old now) and he still drifts off to sleep in 5 mins with no fuss, it’s a dream!

Thanks Amy, you have helped make our first parenting journey super easy so far!”

Polly & Conrad, – Preston, Victoria

“Amy’s approach with newborns was exactly what I needed. I didn’t want to read a bunch of books that would tell me all different techniques. I wanted to be told what to do! and I wanted it to work!”

Emily – Herne Hill, Victoria

“Thanks Amy for your help. I did everything you told me to do and guess what?! it’s working! Georgia is sleeping perfectly”.

Maria – Geelong West, Victoria