“..We can’t put in words how thankful we are..”

“3 weeks ago, my wife and I we at our wits end. Our 9 month old daughter was incredibly difficult to settle for bed, depended on a feed, a dummy as well as being patted off to sleep and would then wake frequently at 90min-2hour intervals then decide at 4am it was playtime!!

parentsAfter 2 weeks with Amy’s program, our daughter now sleeps a solid 12 hours at night and has 2 good naps through the day at regular and predictable times.

As a result, she is now so much more happy and her development in motor skills especially has improved greatly. We can’t put in words how thankful we are that we sought out Amy’s help and got such great outcomes in such a short time frame.

If you are having concerns with you little ones sleep, we can’t recommend Amy and her program highly enough”.

Darren and Kimberly – Lara, Victoria

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