“We couldn’t have got through this without Amy’s help”

Piper and Tyler, our 5 1/2 months old twins, were getting too big for the one cot and were waking each other in the night. Piper had also fallen into a pattern of not sleeping more than half an hour in daytime naps and neither of them were able to self settle.

The twins were to share a room eventually and I didn’t know whether to sleep them separately during the day and together in their own cots in their own rooms at night.

That’s when I sought Amy’s help! Amy was very knowledgeable and her help and support was amazing. I am pretty sure she gave us advice about every situation we encountered.

Now we are very happy to say that Piper & Tyler are sleeping in their own cots in their own room and are sleeping through the night with well improved day time naps that range anything from 1 – 3 hours. During this time the twins transitioned from 3 daytime naps to 2. They are now able to self settle when they wake during daytime naps and through the night.

We couldn’t have got through this without Amy’s help. We would highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their baby’s sleeping patterns.

Thanks Amy!

Kristy – Charlestown, NSW

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