“Amy is AMAZING!! We cannot recommend Amy enough!

It took us a little under 2.5 years to realise our daughter wasn’t just going to start sleeping through the night and that I possibly needed some help with that.


Wish I had of contacted Amy sooner!!

I used to spend 45 mins in our daughters room before bedtime giving her a bottle of milk, reading books (2 turned into 5) and rocking and singing to her to sleep only for her to wake 3 hours later needing the same.

She would wake 2-4 times a night (more if her dummy fell out and she couldn’t find it) and would only settle with me cuddling her or a visit to our bed, which would result in her tossing and turning all night anyway, so none of us got any rest!

I contacted Amy who set up a sleep plan for us and after only 5 nights of implementing some gentle sleep strategies she slept through the night from 7pm-7am and this has continued every night since!

She also confidently puts herself to sleep now, self settles throughout the night and happily chats in her bed in the morning without needing my immediate attention.

I love that we were extremely supported with Amy guiding and reassuring us along the way. No question went unanswered (and I asked a lot!) she is so knowledgeable and confident in what she shares and it has been an absolute game changer for us all.

We are already so much more well rested and this is only the beginning!

Thank you so much Amy, we are truly grateful for this life changing experience and its all thanks to you!!”.

Lily & Dave – Mernda, Victoria