We had forgotten what it was like to sleep a full night…

sleep a full night

“You can only run empty for so long until you finally come crashing into a heap. Luckily, we found Amy from Hushabye Baby just before this occurred.

We sent Amy an email and asked for help because my partner and I were up every two hours feeding our 7month old (Archer). Amy put a plan together really quickly and we made a start. The schedule is all set out online and is viewed by Amy every time you make a change.

The first few days were the hardest but no harder than having to get up every two hours. It was all about changing Archer’s routines and getting him on a more concrete schedule moving forward.

Archer adapted quickly and I think by day 5 we were getting him to do full 10–12-hour sleeps. Amy then helped fine tune our plan which included his day-care days and by the end of the program he was a different child, so much happier and more engaged.

We had forgotten what it was like to sleep a full night as well 😊. Amy provided us with a lot of information moving forward and when Archer would likely change his nap times. It’s been around 3 months since we started the plan and Archer is still sleeping through the night getting his 12 hours.

Amy is a pleasure to deal with and knows exactly what she is doing. We couldn’t recommend Hushabye Baby enough!!! If you are like us and at your wits end contact Amy your life will become so much easier from that point forward”.

Steve and Mel – Grovedale, Victoria

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