… within a week of working with Amy smiles returned to our house

For the first few months of our daughter’s life, we thought we had hit the sleep lottery. Neave put herself to sleep and would only wake once or twice overnight. 

Then the four-month ‘progression’ hit, and she just…forgot!

All of a sudden we had a baby who needed to be rocked, fed or carried to sleep for every nap and overnight as well. Each naptime and bedtime would become an hour-long battle, and after three weeks of this we were all exhausted, especially Neave.

Within a week of working with Amy, smiles returned to our house!

Amy’s gentle approach made us feel more helpful to Neave, and we have given her the comfort and ability to settle herself. She is stronger, happier and we feel like more confident parents. Naps are now a breeze, and she even sleep through the night.

Amy was there with us every step of the way during the program, both online and over the phone.

She was patient with our questions and missteps, and helped us stay on track despite some travel and other commitments during the program.

I am so glad we reached out when we did!”

Linden & Tim – Coburg North, Victoria

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