“We are so grateful we went through Hushabye to help with our lil’ one’s sleep…

so grateful

“Amylee was so supportive and caring throughout the whole process which can be quite challenging at times.

Our 13month old always struggled with sleep. From about 8months it got even harder as she would wake after 30mins at bedtime then we’d spend the rest of the night trying to settle her and reset etc until we’d just all go to bed and co sleep.

It was an exhausting and stressful time. We needed guidance and a solution but weren’t very comfortable with other sleep training methods such as controlled crying.

So when we got referred to Hushabye for their “gentle” approach it was something worth looking into.

We did the “camping out” method which suited us as we felt we could support Leanora and be there for her but also not interfere with her learning to sleep.

The first week was hard but we’re so grateful we stuck to it with Amylee’s constant guidance.

We were so lucky to have Amylee with her support and sharing her personal experience with sleep training her lil one too.

We’ve learnt so much and Leanora now has her one midday nap, then bedtime from 7pm till 7.30am.

Its only been about a month and she’s done so well. If she wakes, she’s really good at getting back to sleep on her own and without a dummy!

Its nice to have a routine to stick to and a much better understanding of Leanora and her sleep in general. Me and my husband even get to have dinner together now!

If you’re on the fence I recommend just doing it. Leanora is so much happier now and so are we as a family.

Thank you Amylee and Amy for this wonderful and caring option”.

Toni and Paras – Geelong West, Victoria

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