My Support Plus Package is designed for parents wanting extra support. I offer a half night (6 hours) or a full night stay (12 hours) on Night 1 of your child’s sleep plan.

I will assist you through the bedtime routine and night time.

Depending on the issues, Night 1 can be a tough one, so if you want to ensure you are on the road to success from the very start, with full support, this package is for you.

I will continue to support you through your sleep plan for three whole weeks. Your child will be sleeping through the night (and having a night feed if appropriate) and having great day naps. Every single night. Every single day.

support plus packagePackage inclusions:

  1. A full sleep evaluation for your child
  2. A detailed, customised, step by step Sleep Plan for your child
  3. 60min Pre Call (Video) where we will discuss the Sleep Plan, and set up for Night 1
  4. A Half (6 hours) or Full night stay (12 hours) on Night 1
  5. Four follow up phone calls
  6. 14 Day Online Sleep Log (in real time) reviewed and discussed daily
  7. Three weeks of email support
  8. Text support on Night 2 (only with full night package).

$1195 (half night) $2195 (full night)

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“Amy was extremely patient and kind throughout the process.

I booked her for a half night stay as I new I would have difficulty persevering with the program on the first night. I also wanted to make sure I implemented everything correctly.

I’m incredibly glad I did this and would recommend doing so if you are worried about following through, or are a bit on the sensitive side.

I really can’t recommended this program enough, and only wish I had been ready to implement it earlier”.

Kira – Port Melbourne, Victoria

“We wanted to thank you so much for your help and support. We really appreciated how professional and serious about sleep you are, and in particular the way you spoke so confidently about the results that were achievable (Florence WILL sleep 11/12 hours overnight, what?!). You gave us no choice but to believe that it would all be ok, and it was.

Your support was so tailored to us and consistent and we felt like you really were there with us every step of the way for those first few weeks”.

Annabel and Steve – Geelong West, Victoria