We cannot believe the change…Amy’s program is easy to follow…”

“We can not believe the change in our little 7-month old bub after only a week of following Amy’s sleep program, he is able to sleep through the night himself.

Prior to this, Ryder had to be fed to sleep or taken in a pram and was waking every hour at night crying because he was unable to settle himself to sleep. The only way for Mum and bub to get any sleep was to bring him to bed with her.

During the day, his sleep was always short. So we had very little time to do anything. This compounding issue meant we had a very unhappy baby and over-exhausted parents.

Bub is now sleeping over an hour twice a day and over ten hours at night consistently. He is visibly a much happier baby which is so important for his development and growth.

All this being attributed to him learning to re-settle himself back to sleep whenever he woke. We follow a routine now which means we can plan our life better and getting our nights back is just unbelievable.

Just being able to sit down and have a hot cuppa during the day or being able to have dinner together in the evenings are some of the things we struggled to do before this.

Amy’s program is easy to follow and she was very hands-on throughout the 2 weeks guiding us along the way.

Amy also provided us with invaluable information moving forward as he gets older. The changes required to the routine and when. This meant we had continuity to the sleep plan as his sleep needs changes and we are not hit with any surprises two or three months down the track. This was certainly unexpected and we are so grateful to receive this additional information.

For anyone who feel they are going through the same thing, don’t let the exhaustion get the better of you.

Amy’s program worked for us and we are so happy we took that leap of faith.” 

Cheryl – Torquay, Victoria