The Bedtime Support Package is unique, gentle and designed for babies up to 12 months of age.

It is a true sleep journey and on completion you will be energised; confident; an expert in your baby’s sleep; and most importantly, well-rested. Together we deal with:

  • Sleep schedules
  • Sleep environment and sleepwear
  • Settling techniques
  • Night time wakings
  • Day naps (all nap scenarios)
  • Feeding
  • Nap transitions; and
  • Any other sleep issues you may be facing.

bedtime support

Bedtime Support Package inclusions:

  • A full sleep evaluation
  • Pre-consult video to get you warmed up
  • A detailed, step by step Sleep Plan for your family, with supporting resources
  • Pre-call via zoom where we will discuss the set up for Night 1 of your family’s sleep plan and what to expect
  • In-home bedtime support on Night 1 from 6pm-9pm* where you will receive hands on guidance and support to help you through Night 1 of change (which can be a tough night!). With our guidance you are guaranteed to implement changes calmly and successfully. Once bub is asleep, we will discuss the remainder of the sleep plan in detail
  • Daily guidance and communication via a 14 Day online sleep log (in real time) 
  • Four support phone calls over the period of package
  • Three weeks of email support
  • Wrap up email packet covering sleep changes for your child going forward and how best to deal with them. This will ensure your awesome sleeper stays that way, an awesome sleeper for life!

*Additional hours available on request.

Payment is due at the time of booking. If payment is not received by due date, your booking may be cancelled or delayed. Cancellations of a Pre-call within 72 hours of confirmed date will result in 50% of package price being forfeited.

Note: This package is available in local area only.

Cost: $1095

The ideal time to start the program (Night 1) is when the following 10-14 nights are able to be dedicated to your child’s sleep – so no holidays booked and you are able to be at home for each bedtime and the majority of day naps – day care naps are fine and we will also do some naps out and about.


“Amy is a miracle worker! The reason my husband and I still have hair!!

We enlisted Amy’s help many times throughout our almost 3 year old’s life, ranging from a simple question to enrolling into the sleep program, and every time Amy has been amazing. She is now sleeping like a champ, and on nights she decides to challenge us – we know how to with it calmly.

We recently had Amy’s help with our 4 month old’s sleep who would only nap if I was holding him and sleep at night in bed with me. Whilst he didn’t make it easy on her (presented a few issues which required medical assistance), Amy went above and beyond for him. Her experience and knowledge of her profession is second to none plus the other recommendations she made to assist my baby were invaluable. He is now sleeping through the night and napping well.

Amy is warm, funny and very easy to get along with and let in your life. She becomes like family! I would not hesitate in recommending Amy to anyone that requires assistance with their children’s sleep. 11 out of 10 stars!”.

Kate, Craig, Amelia and Thomas – Linton, Victoria

“Getting Amy’s help was a complete game changer for our family.

Jack was 6 1/2 months at the time of training and was constantly waking through the night and his day naps were 25mins!! It was a mess.

I had reservations about sleeping training, however after speaking with Amy, I felt that we would be in good hands. Her approach and guidance was invaluable, within a few nights things had completely turned around!

Could not recommend her highly enough! We only wish we did it earlier”.

Kareen & John – Clifton Hill, Victoria