Seeing the changes within the families I work with is a big reason why I love the work that I do. When our children aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t sleeping well. Can you imagine what is like once your little one is sleeping beautifully?

Persephone – 6 months old

“..I just can’t believe the sleep we all get now!” I was starting to go a bit crazy getting up and feeding so often overnight and just bringing her into bed with us so we could all sleep. What a difference a week with Amy makes!! Sleeping 12 hours without intervention and a few day


Jack – 16 months old

“..I honestly feel like Amy changed our lives” Sleep training with Amy saved our sanity! Prior to sleep training, Jack had been feeding to sleep for over 12 months. He had never slept through the night; waking anywhere from 1 to 5 times a night and always needing a feed to go back to sleep.