Seeing the changes within the families I work with is a big reason why I love the work that I do. When our children aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t sleeping well. Can you imagine what is like once your little one is sleeping beautifully?

Charlie – 5 months old

“Being a new Mum is challenging and exhausting…” “As a new, I don’t have the brain space to come up with the words to describe just how much of a game change Amy @ Hushabye Baby has been for the family. But not because I’m not getting enough sleep! Being a new Mum is still

Max and Harriet – 4 months old

“After 4 solid weeks of 1-2hrs of screaming/crying at every bedtime I googled to try and find a solution…” They say you learn from your mistakes… I made all the typical sleep mistakes with my first baby, feeding her to sleep, sleeping on her floor, replacing dummies numerous times, letting her sleep in my bed,