“…the experience has been life changing for both ourselves and our little girl” “We contacted Amy in desperation when our baby girl started having just 10-20 minute day naps and was waking almost hourly overnight. Our little girl used to cry all the time, she hated the car seat and the pram and we felt

sleeping properly emmie

Emmie 7 months old

“…she was so much happier because she was sleeping properly” “When our daughter was just over 6 months old, she started waking up every hour crying for the dummy and refused to sleep in the day. We would be lucky to get two 15-minute sleeps a day out of her. We were all exhausted and


Harvey – 8 months old

“..all our night anxiety has gone.“ “This is a well overdue review! I can’t recommend Amy enough, she completely changed our lives.Before having Amy recommended to us Harvey was rocked or fed to sleep and was waking every 25minutes-1hour all night, every night FOR 3 MONTHS STRAIGHT! I thought changing his sleep habits was going