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Noah – 9 months old

“My little one hasn’t missed a beat with his sleep… When we started working with Amy, I was up 4/5 times a night, if not more and feeding my little one back to sleep each time. We had early wakes which resulted in me having to rock him back to sleep for 1.5 hours. My

changed our lives

Mac – 5 months old

A Neutral Baby family states “Working with Amy has truly changed our lives…” Before starting the sleep program, our baby boy was super fussy to feed and bedtime/naps were becoming so stressful and time consuming. Amy completely changed all that within days. I couldn’t believe how fast our baby took to the new routine. Amy’s

Leroy – 11 months old

Rocking to sleep can become very exhausting. “Amy was incredible, we felt supported the entire time”. “Dear Amy, I have written you a review. It’s be a long time in the coming but I think it’ll be really useful to people. It’s been nearly 3 years since I had Amy’s help with my son Leroy’s

Amy was caring, thorough

June – 17 months old

“Amy was caring, thorough and gave us a clear and achievable plan to work through… “My fabulous review is long overdue. It’s been a few months since my 21 month completed Amy’s sleep plan. We were struggling with constant wake ups overnight and 4am starts – not a sustainable way to live! Amy was caring,

Leonora – 13 months old

“We are so grateful we went through Hushabye to help with our lil’ one’s sleep… “Amylee was so supportive and caring throughout the whole process which can be quite challenging at times. Our 13month old always struggled with sleep. From about 8months it got even harder as she would wake after 30mins at bedtime then