Seeing the changes within the families I work with is a big reason why I love the work that I do. When our children aren’t sleeping well, we aren’t sleeping well. Can you imagine what is like once your little one is sleeping beautifully?

Lake – 8 months old

“Results speak for themselves” “I’ll get straight to the facts – before reaching out to Amy we were often spending 1-2hrs trying to get our daughter to sleep and dealing with numerous night wakings (sometimes hourly) that seemed to be getting more abundant as time went on. She now falls asleep on her own within

Ella – 8 months old

“…Amy, I’m not sure where to start…” Before we began our sleep plan I was either pushing Ella to sleep in the pram, bouncing her in my arms, rocking her in the armchair or driving in the car to try and settle her. (I’m not one to listen to the cries for hours on end).