Olivia – 3 years old

“The day that I Googled ‘Sleep training my 3 year old’ and came across Amy, was the day mine and my daughter’s lives changed. “ “I started reading the reviews and thought to myself, I don’t know about this, how could she have ONLY 5 star reviews? She can’t be that good… will it really

Oliver – 3 months old

“Amy is an absolute miracle worker and we cannot recommend her more highly…” “While we all know how important sleep is and the destructive impact of lack of sleep on every part of our lives, it is amazing what we put up with as parents when it comes to our kid’s sleep. I had always

Stella – 5 months old

“Literally life changing…” “So beyond grateful for you Amy. Literally life changing. Coming from two first time parents with next to no knowledge on baby sleep, our 5 month old now sleeps through with one night feed and has 3 consistent 1-1.5hour+ naps a day. We went from being totally clueless, playing tag team with

Stevie – 2 years old

“After Amy’s 2 week sleep training Stevie is a different kid!” “What a difference! Stevie was always quite a good sleeper until her new baby sister came along and everything started to go backwards. Stevie wouldn’t go to sleep without me tickling her back or hand, she refused to let dad put her to bed