The Wonder Weeks

Have you ever woken up to the sound of a crying baby and thought to yourself, “That’s it. This week, I’m taking action. This week we’re going to start teaching out little one some sleep skills.” I wonder how we should start. Then, sometime in the early morning when your third cup of coffee starts

How do we have a social life after sleep training?

Congratulations! You’ve taught your little one some independent sleep skills and they’re finally sleeping through the night and taking long, restful naps during the day. This is a life-changing achievement and you should be absolutely thrilled! However, you are wondering what this means for your social life. Do you need to say goodbye to your


What does a Sleep Consultant Actually Do?

So why bother calling in a Sleep Consultant? After all, a child with the strongest sleep skills will NEVER sleep straight through the night? Yes, you read it right. Your baby will never sleep straight through the night. Neither will you, for that matter. No Sleep Consultant can make that happen. Everyone (who isn’t heavily