Sleep and special needs

Raising a child can be seriously hard work. However this can be even more so if your child has special needs. Think of the hours, the commitment needed, the ambiguity of information, the stakes involved, and the endless, ever-evolving challenges that kids throw at us. All those regular parenting challenges are present when you have

Staying on track with a new baby

First off, congratulations. You’ve either just welcomed a new baby into the house, or you’re about to shortly. What wonderful news! In addition, you’ve likely recently done the hard yards to having your older child sleeping soundly through the night and taking long, rejuvenating naps during the day! Look at you, absolutely killing it at

What if my baby looks uncomfortable?

Does your baby look uncomfortable when sleeping? The sight of a sleeping baby is one of the most peaceful, comforting images to me. The sheer peacefulness and nearly inaudible sound of their breath. The perfect stillness of it all. Looks like the very definition of “rest”. There are definitely times this peacefulness can be thrown

Magnesium and Sleep

What is Magnesium I hear you say?   Magnesium is one of seven essential minerals that the body needs to function normally. It’s not produced in the body, so it has to be obtained through external sources. It needs to be consumed through foods or supplements.  What role does magnesium play in the body? How much