essential role of quality sleep

The essential role of quality sleep

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, where deadlines loom large and demands seem endless, one crucial factor often overlooked is the essential role of quality sleep. As a sleep consultant with over seven (7) years of experience, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of adequate rest on individual performance and organisational success. Let’s delve into the

Twelve fun facts about sleep!

As a Sleep Consultant, I confess: I am unabashedly a sleep nerd. There’s something genuinely fascinating about the world of sleep – it’s like a vast, uncharted universe right inside our minds. Sleep isn’t just a nightly routine; it’s a journey into a mysterious part of our existence. A realm where the body and mind

Make sleep a priority in 2024

It’s a whole new year full of potential and opportunities, so let’s talk about why you should make sleep a priority. If you’re like me, when the calendar flips over, you set some lofty new goals to improve your quality of life. Get more exercise, eat healthier, land a new job, save some money, spend

How co-regulation can help a child manage bedtime anxiety

Understanding co-regulation Co-regulation refers to the process where an adult helps a child manage and understand their emotions and behaviours. This is especially crucial in young children who are still developing self-regulation skills of their own. By providing a calming presence and demonstrating healthy emotional responses, adults can guide children in managing their own emotions.