Sleep overs with the grandparents

What are you looking forward to once your baby is a great sleeper? Probably the same thing the Grandparents are looking forward to! For most parents, the answer is right there in the question. They just want their baby to be a great sleeper. To get the sleep they need to be happy and healthy,

Split nights

Split nights, what are they? Is your little one waking up in the middle of the night? I mean, REALLY waking up, and STAYING up. For like….HOURS.. If you’re the parent of a baby who’s dealing with segmented sleep, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This isn’t the middle of the night “go in


Are dummies bad news?

Are dummies bad news? A lot of parents who use dummies feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a dummy in their baby’s mouth (I certainly did!). Dealing with a screaming infant in the grocery line or on a long car trip will make most parents try just about anything to calm