Has there been a moment where a big idea starts to invade your thoughts, a life changing idea, an idea that will take courage to make real life? An idea that could possibly need more courage than you felt you had, so the thought simply slipped away?

It can be hard to find the confidence and courage, in life and in business. So you know what a bunch of successful business owners did?

We wrote a book.

A book about how we had a thought. A life changing thought. A book about how we took that idea by the horns and pushed through adversity and change to make it real life.

We were like you. We still are!

My chapter is centered around having to make a change in regards to my working life once I had children. How I had to dig deep to be successful in making this change. How I had to scrounge up every little bit of self-belief I had, and then some!

Another dream was able to be fulfilled along the way in that I got to co-author a book. Something I never thought would happen and one step further to my long time dream of writing a book one day, a whole book! Baby steps right?! and what a step it was. I was so very privileged to do this project with such inspiring women.

Courage and Confidence is an essential guide for women in business who are ready to take on their biggest dreams and make them a reality!

Filled with practical advice and tools combined with powerful and motivational stories to inspire you into action.

I am hoping this book talks to you in some way that allows you to listen to those thoughts of yours and make them real life. So many people are held back by fear or wanting to play it safe and yet if you can find the courage to start, you never know what will be possible for you.

Courage and Confidence was officially launched in March to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March 2022.

Price: $33.95 with free shipping. Order your copy here.