happy baby eating

George – 10 months old

“Amy was amazingly patient and supportive and kept me on track” Amy is caring, professional, calm and supportive. If you are thinking about booking some time with Amy then don’t hesitate and do it now. My baby, George, is 10 months old. For the first 9 months of his life the poor bub suffered terrible

baby sleeping

Georgia – 8 weeks old

“Georgia is sleeping perfectly” Thanks Amy for your help. I did everything you told me to do and guess what?! it’s working! Georgia is sleeping perfectly. The only thing I do now is put her in her cot and then she is sleeping! So happy I called you! Maria – Geelong West, Victoria For more

4 month old

Adriana – 4 months old

“Highly recommend the program” My 4 month old, Adriana, only ever cat napped and now she is starting to have longer sleeps during the day. Amy was so much help and answered any questions very quickly and made me feel at ease. Highly recommend the program to anyone who is having trouble with sleep for


Liam – Newborn

“Amy’s approach with newborns was exactly what I needed” I am so glad I called! Liam was a newborn, only 2 weeks old, but I could already feel things getting away from me. I really needed some help to set a good routine in place and be reminded of the fundamentals of helping my newborn