“…Amy’s extensive support completely changed our lives”

extensive supportI know it’s cliche, but Amy and the Sleep Sense Program completely changed our lives.

My son is 13 months, a month ago he was waking 3-6 times a night since 6 months.

I thought he would out grow it and naturally improve as a sleeper, however things only deteriorated as he became more alert and less drowsy from breastfeeding.

It was certainly emotional to implement the program for the first few days. I was, however, amazed by how quickly he responded.

By night 4 he slept through the night.

I have a video monitor and I saw him wake a couple of times. He then put himself back to sleep (!!) cuddling his blanket, with no fuss at all.

For a long time I wasn’t comfortable with the notion of sleep training.

I now realise it is truly a skill and something that can be taught and encouraged with consistency and routine.

Amy was extremely patient and kind throughout the process.

I booked her for a half night stay as I new I would have difficulty persevering with the program on the first night. I also wanted to make sure I implemented everything correctly.

I’m incredibly glad I did this and would recommend doing so if you are worried about following through, or are a bit on the sensitive side.

I bombarded Amy with questions throughout the 3 week program and she always got back to me promptly with an in depth, thoughtful answer. She also tailored her response to my son, his temperament and his stage in the program.

I really can’t recommended this program enough, and only wish I had been ready to implement it earlier.

Every now and then there is still a curve ball that comes our way with sleep, particularly day time naps, but I am truly amazed at the results. Flynn is so well rested and I have seen a big shift in his temperament. He is now a happy, alert and confident little lad for most of the day.

Thanks again Amy, and I apologise for the long post!

Kira – Port Melbourne, Victoria

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