gentle..I honestly feel like Amy changed our lives”

Sleep training with Amy saved our sanity!

Prior to sleep training, Jack had been feeding to sleep for over 12 months.

He had never slept through the night; waking anywhere from 1 to 5 times a night and always needing a feed to go back to sleep. His naps were inconsistent and every sleep time was hard work and a huge source of anxiety for me!

I had been putting off calling Amy as I was terrified that the process was going to be brutal and just too hard….. I was so wrong!

The process is gentle and easy to follow. Amy is super supportive and was with us every step of the way.

Jack slept through the night on night 3 of the program!

He continues to sleep through all night, and if he stirs he gets himself back to sleep. Going to bed is not a drama at all and he naps well during the day.

I honestly feel like Amy changed our lives!! Bed time is so easy now!!!!!

I recommend Amy to all my friends who are having sleep issues….. don’t hesitate, just call her!!

– Kirstie & Sean, Alice Springs, NT

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