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“We contacted Amy in the thick of a 4 month sleep regression. Our son wouldn’t sleep during the day unless he was rocked (for the entire nap) or was in a pram/car seat. The nights were erratic with very frequent wakings which required him being fed back to sleep.

I was starting to lose my mind!

Amy coached us through the gentle sleep training process enabling us to teach Izaak the valuable skills necessary to fall asleep on his own.

We were so surprised at how quickly he adapted.

By the second day he was self settling and sleeping like a champ. His sleep is continually improving.

I took full advantage of the support available and asked a million questions over the course of the three weeks. Working with Amy was super easy due to her knowledge, professionalism and endless patience.

Thank you Amy for helping us get some sleep again!”

Nishka & JimmyNoranda, WA

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