Rocking to sleep can become very exhausting. “Amy was incredible, we felt supported the entire time”.


“Dear Amy, I have written you a review. It’s be a long time in the coming but I think it’ll be really useful to people.

It’s been nearly 3 years since I had Amy’s help with my son Leroy’s sleep. He was 11 months old, we had co-slept from when he was born. He needed to be rocked and sung to sleep in my arms before being put down in my bed for his naps and bedtime. Often only sleeping 15-20mins before waking himself up as he became award that he was no longer in my arms.

I would repeat this process of rocking and singing him to sleep countless times, it was exhausting. He wouldn’t stay asleep at night unless I went to bed at the same time.

It was during this time that I reached out to Amy. She was incredible. We felt supported the entire time through email and phone correspondence. After two solid weeks of sleep training, my little Leroy was sleeping in his own bed, not having any night feeds and sleeping through the night. It was hard work! At times it felt easier to give up, however, we kept on going, believing in the process.

Now nearly 3 years on we have experienced ups and down in his sleep, however I have always stuck by what Amy taught us and been incredibly strict with the sleep routine. We have crossed growth hurdles and experienced some very challenging behaviour as he started to refuse to sleep at bedtime. However after dropping his day time nap in the last 6 months he has gone back to sleeping immediately after his book and song.

We can’t thank Amy enough If you’re reading this review know that Amy’s process really does work. Leroy is nearly 4, he self-settles, can sleep anywhere we go, we have even traveled all the way from Geelong to Byron Bay and he went to sleep in his porta cot. Leroy is a great sleeper and we have Amy to thank”.

Mia – Highton, Victoria

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