“…she was so much happier because she was sleeping properly”

“When our daughter was just over 6 months old, she started waking up every hour crying for the dummy and refused to sleep in the day. We would be lucky to get two 15-minute sleeps a day out of her. We were all exhausted and fed up. Next step, we contacted Amy, and after day 2 the changes I saw in my daughter were unbelievable.

I felt I had time back again and she was so much happier because she was sleeping properly.

It was nothing too extreme, so it made it easier to be able to follow and if I was ever unsure what to do, Amy was always able to help, and so accessible and accommodating.

Nearly 6 months later and she’s still doing amazing. We always use the simple steps that Amy gave us. We are able to alter bedtimes here and there where needed when we have events etc. It was the best thing we did for all of us. I couldn’t recommend Amy enough”.

Megan – Werribee, Victoria

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