“We really appreciated the tailored support for Isaac’s needs, and gentle method…”

Wow, what a beautiful sweet sleeper we now have. Isaac has always been a happy baby, however he was restless and definitely not getting enough sleep.

Most nights we were lucky if he slept in 2 hour blocks, having never had a good nights sleep, I was beginning to worry, for myself and Isaac. I contacted my GP, and he referred me onto Amy at Hushabye Baby.

Oh my, thank you so much Amy, what an amazing turnaround we have had in such a short amount of time. We have really appreciated the tailored support to Isaac’s needs, and gentle method to get him to the wonderful sleeper he now is.

After three nights, Isaac had his first full nights sleep! Since then, he has consistently been a good sleeper. This has turned our life around, and better still, it is good for Isaac. Thank you!”

Kat and Ash – Bell Post Hill, Victoria

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