“Amy is an absolute miracle worker and we cannot recommend her more highly…”

absolute miracle worker

While we all know how important sleep is and the destructive impact of lack of sleep on every part of our lives, it is amazing what we put up with as parents when it comes to our kid’s sleep.

I had always assumed that you couldn’t expect babies and young children to sleep well, even though I believed I was doing all the ‘right things’ to help my sons do the best they could.

Our second son Ollie was particularly terrible in the sleep department though and I just knew I needed more help as I was seriously struggling with 3 months of severe sleep deprivation.

Amy had come recommended, so we started our program with her when Ollie was 3.5 months old.

Within a week, Amy had helped Ollie go from sleeping 2-3hrs at a time during the night, to 12-13hrs.

Most importantly, she gave us the confidence to put some tactics in place for what he specifically needed at this age, as well as guidance on how to continue to help him over the next year of his life. I am amazed at how much could be achieved without Amy ever actually meeting us in person.”

Georgie and Mark – St Kilda, Victoria