“It was the BEST thing I did…”

best sleep consultant

“Thank you Amy! I have 2 boys, the first boy had no issues with sleep but my second was very different. The first 6 months was a blur, sleep deprivation and we lost confidence because what we did for our first child was not working.

We were feeding our little boy to sleep and he was waking many times during the night. We had a stint in the early parenting unit when he has 4.5 months to get us through and we replaced feeding with patting our little one to sleep. This was not sustainable and started to caused its own issues.

I know many mothers who have consulted with Amy so I reached out, it was the BEST thing I did. My boy now sleeps through the night and has 2 good sleeps during the day. The support from Amy was fantastic and I highly recommend her service”.

Karen – McLeod, Victoria