Fear of the Dark

It’s 2am, you’re sleeping peacefully in your bed… Suddenly you wake up, not entirely sure why, but as you start to gain awareness of your surroundings, you become aware, to your horror, that there’s someone in the room with you.. You hear the sound of their voice, and they whisper those four words that chill

co sleeping

Can you co-sleep and sleep train?

If you put co sleeping and sleep training together, what does it spell? The absolutely primal and uncontrollable impulse to stay close to your baby is so deeply rooted in our DNA that it’s almost frightening sometimes. I’m sure evolutionary defensive instincts are what’s at play in this phenomenon. However, it feels more like love

Child Sleep Consultant

Why invest in a sleep consultant?

As a child sleep consultant, there are a few questions I’ve grown accustomed to hearing. People are understandably curious about whether or not their child is going to cry, and if so, for how long. They want to know how long it’s going to take before baby starts sleeping through the night, and when they’ll