6 months old

Florence – 6 months old

“We got better results than we could have imagined” I am pleased to report that Florence (6 months old) now sleeps 11 hours a night without interruption, and both naps total two hours pretty routinely. We got better results than we could have imagined and we are incredibly happy even when it’s not perfect. We


Izaak – 4 months old

Reviews are a great way to get an insight on how I work. Hear what Izaak’s Mum and Dad have to say: “We contacted Amy in the thick of a 4 month sleep regression. Our son wouldn’t sleep during the day unless he was rocked (for the entire nap) or was in a pram/car seat.

6 month old

Emmett – 6 months old

“…I would recommend her 100 times over to anyone who is looking to get their baby more sleep at night. She is amazing!”  “Wow where do I start with Amy and her amazing business?! We were at the lowest of lows with our 6 month old Emmett who was sleeping in our bed and waking