Cluster feedingOne of the joyous events of having a newborn is the lovely activity we call, Cluster Feeding.

My first son, Joel, never actually did this. He was very small and I needed to wake him for feeds.

So when my second son came along and it came to Night 2, and he spent the entire next few nights only happy if he was hanging from my boob, I was in total shock, and very soon after, extremely exhausted!

This time round, I was ready! and all geared up for survival.

Cluster feeding is nature’s wonderful way of having your newborn help your milk come in.

It is common for your milk to come in around day 3 or 4, so leading up to this time, your newborn helps you along by constantly wanting to suckle on you. This can be one of the most exhausting processes ever!

To help me get through these few tough nights, I introduce a dummy.

It gives me a well earned break from having my babe attached to me constantly, as the suckling affect of the dummy keeps the little one equally happy.

Being such a short time after giving birth, it is very easy to become burnt out very quickly if you are unable to recover from the event. Getting some sleep is vital. Use the dummy to help you get this. It is simply a lifesaver. You’re milk will well and truly still come in.

Another survival tip?

If you have the opportunity, stay in hospital at least a few nights (if not more).

If you have little ones at home like I do, these few nights with your newborn is really special.

It may actually be some of the only real alone time you will get, just you and him. Equally as important, you get the chance to have a rest (put that ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign of your door!) before you head home to real life – where a lot more exists than just you and that gorgeous new bundle of joy.

For more detailed information on newborn sleep, check out my Newborn Package.

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