“Amy is a life changer… she is caring not only to your child, but to your family.

henry and william

“I have had both my sons, Henry and William, trained through Amy over Skype and phone calls. Amy is a life changer. Henry was 18months old and William was 10months old!

Different methods for each child. She doesn’t just look at sleep, it’s their whole day. She looks at food, what they do in their days. And the results don’t happen in weeks or days they happen in hours. I can attest to this as I have done it twice a year apart.

henry and william

I can’t recommend Amy enough! An absolute expert in her field.

Trust in her process and you will get results. She is caring not only to your child but to your family. If you are struggling please contact her, you will not be sorry!”.

Sarah – North Lakes, Queensland

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