My Hushabye Package is designed for babies through to toddlers.

It deals with night time and daily schedules; settling techniques; night wakings; day naps; nap transitions; transitions from cot to bed; as well as toddlers already in a big kid bed.Hushabye package

Hushabye Package inclusions:

  1. A full sleep evaluation for your child
  2. A detailed, step by step Sleep Plan for your child. My sleep plans are customised for each family and based on the age of your child
  3. A private consultation where we will discuss the sleep plan, settling techniques, bedtime routine, nap-times, night wakings; troubleshoot possible problems; and discuss any other specific issues you might be dealing with. For In-home consults, a nursery analysis is also carried out 
  4. Four follow up phone calls
  5. 14 Day Online Sleep Log (in real time) reviewed and discussed daily
  6. Three weeks of email support.

Package with a 60min Virtual Consult: $375
Package with a 90min In-home Consult: $495

Home Stay available