My Hushabye Package is designed for babies through to toddlers.

This package will get your little one sleeping 11-12 hours each and every night, and having great day naps (age dependent).

Together we deal with sleep schedules; settling techniques; night time wakings; day naps; nap transitions; and any other sleep issues you may be facing.

Hushabye package

Hushabye Package inclusions:

  1. A full sleep evaluation
  2. A detailed, step by step Sleep Plan for your child. My sleep support is customised for each family and based on the age of your child.
  3. A private consult where will discuss the sleep plan, settling techniques, bedtime routine, nap-times, night wakings; troubleshoot possible problems; and discuss and other specific issues you may be dealing with. For in-home consults, a nursery/sleep environment analysis is also carried out. Night stays available.
  4. 14 Day online sleep log (in real time) reviewed and discussed daily
  5. Four support calls
  6. Three weeks of email support
  7. Wrap up email covering sleep changes going forward and how best to deal with them.
$395 with 1hr Zoom Consult


with 2hr In-home Consult



“Working with Amy is the best thing we could have done for ourselves and more importantly for our baby. With Amy’s help we have taught her how to put herself to sleep which has resulted in a much happier, healthier and calmer baby. Thank you Amy!!”

Kirsten and Scott – Torquay, Victoria

“With the help of Amy and a few short weeks, we had a son who slept through the night and took less than 5mins to settle to sleep. Not only did our son learn to self-settle but as parents we learnt how to promote and support good sleep habits long-term.

We are so thankful for Amy and it has definitely changed our life both as a family and as a couple”.

Kaz and Simon – Alice Springs, NT