“The day that I Googled ‘Sleep training my 3 year old’ and came across Amy, was the day mine and my daughter’s lives changed. “

sleep training my 3 year old

I started reading the reviews and thought to myself, I don’t know about this, how could she have ONLY 5 star reviews? She can’t be that good… will it really work?

Short answer. Yes. 

After 6 months of telling myself that my daughter was “just going through a phase,” I decided enough was enough. Every night my daughter would have a milk bottle before bed and I had to lay in her bed with her until she fell asleep and then creep out of her room. She would then wake 2-4 times throughout the night and yell “MUMMY”. I would have to go in and do the same again, and again, and again all throughout the night. Most times she would also want ANOTHER milk bottle.

After purchasing Amy’s sleep consultation package I filled out a thorough form outlining details about my daughter, her sleep, our other kids etc. I had the initial call with Amy where she outlined what was involved and coached me through the process.

Night one I had to ditch the milk bottle (we threw them all out) and using Amy’s advice, it was SO easy. I couldn’t believe it. By night 2 my daughter wasn’t even asking for a milk bottle!

Fast forward to night 13 and my daughter was sleeping through the night. I cried.

My husband and I also have 17 month old twins, so this was the first time in 3 years I had slept through the night.

I now have 3 kids who sleep through the night. I am a new person. I’m not cranky anymore, I am alive again, I have energy again.

I cannot thank Amy enough for the daily support throughout the sleep training (she literally checks in daily!).

The sleep problems I had with my 3 year old before Amy came along:
– She would only fall asleep with me in the bed
– She still relied on a bottle to fall asleep at night
– Would wake multiple times throughout the night and I would have to lay in her bed until she fell asleep again.
– I was the only person who could put her to bed (not even my husband/ mum/ MIL, which meant I could never go anywhere at night.
– She woke up cranky every day

ALL of this was completely resolved within 13 days of Amy’s sleep training.

If you’re hesitating, don’t, Amy’s sleep consultation changed my life and my daughter now wakes up happy and full of energy. 

Amy, you’re amazing.

With endless thanks,”

Anna and Daniel – Hawthorn, Victoria