“Amy’s approach and strategy works”strategy works

I put off contacting Amy for 6 months after my best friend referred me after huge success with her second sons sleep.

I thought to myself I can sort this out, I’m not into sleep training and kept using every excuse under the sun as to why Tilly was not sleeping through the night – teething, hungry, sick – you name it.

After 13 months I decided to reach out and I can honestly say my life has been transformed.

After the 4th night, Tilly slept solidly from 630pm till morning. I had experienced a full nights sleep since her birth.

We are now in a consistent routine of sleep. Besides helping me move from a sleep deprived state, Tilly is also a much happier little bubba.

I will refer anyone I meet or hear of having problems with their child’s sleep to Amy. Her approach and strategy works.

Zoe – Alexandra, Victoria

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