…Amy, I’m not sure where to start…”

Before we began our sleep plan I was either pushing Ella to sleep in the pram, bouncing her in my arms, rocking her in the armchair or driving in the car to try and settle her. (I’m not one to listen to the cries for hours on end). That is A LOT of work to try and get a baby to sleep – only to have them wake not long afterwards.

The day naps are now totally transformed, I pop her in bed, turn the white noise on and leave.

transforming Self settling is hard, but she is so much better at it now. She has consistent 1-1.5hr naps! and the amazing thing is I am not mentally or physically exhausted by the process.

Another issue we were having was she would wake approx 1-2hrs after we put her to sleep. This doesn’t happen anymore, she knows it’s time for bed – we stick to the routine that she knows and voila! asleep!

The way you streamline the process has been so easy for us to integrate into our day-to-day.

Amy, thank you for your guidance and support during this time – it’s been a great ride!”.

Marty & Chelsea – Viewbank, Victoria

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